Me Jane, You Tarzan? – A Defence of Online Dating

It’s a jungle out there, sings Randy Newman. While life may not be as dramatic as the song seems to imply, it is not a far off assessment to say that many single and busy working adults have, more often than not, experienced some element of social anxiety when faced with the complex world of dating; doubly so when trying to reach out into that crazy world of online dating.

Of course, this is not without basis. I mean, I have had my fair share of strange-but-true stories involving one East Asian refugee slumming it out on the streets of Paris (oh, the horror!) and another extensively tattooed Beverly Hills chef living in the “hood” of South Los Angeles. Mom and I have had the opportunity to meet both, and while she was rightfully mortified by the former, she was surprisingly taken with the latter – tattoos and all.

But I digress. Continue reading