Dragon Age Inquisition: The Descent (Coming this August 11th)

The word is out there, folks! BioWare has just released the new Dragon Age Inquisition : The Decent (DLC) trailer on their Facebook. DA fans, including myself, have gone totally mental in anticipation of this long awaited addition to the popular series. It is scheduled to be released on the 11th August, and I’m hoping to download this off Origins as soon as its available for purchase. (I’ve checked and there’s no update as yet. Boooo.)

I’m really hoping that this will exceed Jaws of Hakkon somehow. My experience with the previous DLC left me feeling there wasn’t any progression made to the story line at all . Instead, we are taken back into history, tracing the steps of the last Inquisitor and delving into the secrets that surrounded his disappearance.

In short, I felt Jaws of Hakkon didn’t add much to the game other than an extra area of map to explore. Here’s what I’m hoping “The Descent” will accomplish:-

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