About the Girl


Shay is a Freelance Singaporean Writer by Day and an Executive Assistant  for a Media company by Night. She enjoys a lot of reading, a little gaming and going for movie marathons. She also cries while watching Disney movies and when her game freezes during an important fight scene. (Yes, I’m talking to you, Witcher 3)

This blog is a collection of her thoughts. If it seems random, it’s because she is random.

She also really needs to stop referring to herself in third person. Good Lawd.

Feel free to hit her up whenever. Last we’ve heard, she really enjoys speaking with new people and listening to their thoughts, despite her claims of being “anti-social”. If she doesn’t respond, try bribing her with lots of coffee.

Besides yammering on this space, Shay also writes for the following companies / brands:-

Sheha Footer

Should you wish to contact Shay for writing gigs to finance her chronic caffeine addiction, please leave a note via the Contact Form below.


Let me hear you roar!

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