Freelancer’s Haven – The Ultimate List of Recruitment Websites for Singaporean Freelancers

Yeah, yeah. I know.

I’ve dropped out of the radar for the past couple of months (too busy travelling and gaming) and have decided just yesterday to hustle and get some writing contracts / projects to work on.

As such, I have been obsessively trawling the world wide web in search of good websites (other than JobsDB, JobStreet, JobCentral) that offer great leads for the humble Singaporean looking to earn an extra buck or two.

Behold, I hereby present you: “The Ultimate List of Recruitment Websites for Singaporean Freelancers”.

Disclaimer: The contracts / projects I’m sniffing out for are mostly short-term, home based appointments with lots of flexi hours. If this is your thang, then this list is for you.

Singaporean-centered Websites

1) Intern SG (My favourite thus far. The response rate is amazing)

2) GumTree



5) StartUp Jobs

6) SG Freelancers 4 Hire

7) Freelance Zone

8) Freelancer Singapore

9) Fast Jobs

Non-Singaporean centered Websites

1) Constant Content

2) Blogging Pro

3) Freelance Writing Gigs

4) Journalism Jobs

5) Media Bistro

6) Freelance Writing

7) Pro Blogger

8) Be a Freelance Blogger

9) Part Time Jobs

PS:  I’ll add to the list as and when I find something worthy. It’s so hard to find decent ones but I’m confident that this list will help point you (and me) in the right direction at least.



Let me hear you roar!

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