Dragon Age Inquisition: The Descent (Coming this August 11th)

The word is out there, folks! BioWare has just released the new Dragon Age Inquisition : The Decent (DLC) trailer on their Facebook. DA fans, including myself, have gone totally mental in anticipation of this long awaited addition to the popular series. It is scheduled to be released on the 11th August, and I’m hoping to download this off Origins as soon as its available for purchase. (I’ve checked and there’s no update as yet. Boooo.)

I’m really hoping that this will exceed Jaws of Hakkon somehow. My experience with the previous DLC left me feeling there wasn’t any progression made to the story line at all . Instead, we are taken back into history, tracing the steps of the last Inquisitor and delving into the secrets that surrounded his disappearance.

In short, I felt Jaws of Hakkon didn’t add much to the game other than an extra area of map to explore. Here’s what I’m hoping “The Descent” will accomplish:-

Into the Deep Roads
We like to move it move it in the Deep Roads.
  1. Moving on with the story line

As much as I have loved the DA series (c’mon, DA2 wasn’t that bad), I would really like to see the story line moving forward. I need to know what happens now that the Iron Bull has broken away from the Qun. Of Dorian’s plans to go back to Tevinter and his new relationship with his father. Most of all, I need to know what happened to Solas. If they could only develop on the party’s side story, I feel it worth the money spent. Somehow, I feel this will not be the case, but hey! A girl can dream can’t she?

Just please – let me feel like my choices actually had an impact in the world of Thedas. (That’s the bit where Witcher 3 won by a mile, I felt, but that’s discussion for another time)

ZOMG Bull and Dorian. *Heart explodes*
Never mind the two on the right. Bull and Dorian, ladies and gents. How aDoriBull.

2. More character skills and better banters

Dear Bioware – I’ve spent 700 hours on Dragon Age Inquisition and I need new skills and banter to get me going. Like Dragon Age Origins: Awakening, we need updated skills, stronger firepower, better armour and better everything. Pretty please?

And I need more flirty banters. I need it, do you hear? I need my characters sniping and snarking at each other, and talking about getting drunk at the taverns. On that note, I do hope the banter glitch is fixed, and that my party is chatty and chirpy like the old days in DAO.

The Baddie. Darkspawns!

Darkspawns! Looks like they’ve beefed up too.

3. Beef up Skyhold

It’s depressing, after all that running around, looking out for logging stands and quarries, there’s still a hole in the blasted ceiling.

Anywho, I’m definitely going to add this to my collection and I cannot wait to play. What are you looking forward to in the game? Hit me up on the comments below. Till then, enjoy the shiny new trailer and countdown to August 11th!

PS: Happy Birthday, Mom!
PS: Happy Birthday, Mom!

Let me hear you roar!

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