Freelancer’s Haven – The Ultimate List of Recruitment Websites for Singaporean Freelancers

Yeah, yeah. I know.

I’ve dropped out of the radar for the past couple of months (too busy travelling and gaming) and have decided just yesterday to hustle and get some writing contracts / projects to work on.

As such, I have been obsessively trawling the world wide web in search of good websites (other than JobsDB, JobStreet, JobCentral) that offer great leads for the humble Singaporean looking to earn an extra buck or two.

Behold, I hereby present you: “The Ultimate List of Recruitment Websites for Singaporean Freelancers”.

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What? Teachers Want? – Top 4 Things Teachers Really, Really Want.

The title above, with its misplaced emphasis and punctuation, is obviously a tongue-in-cheek question. I can almost see the reaction in my mind though – my Primary School teacher (whom I absolutely adore despite me giving her continual grief) throwing her hands up in horror while she lectures me about checking my spelling and punctuation before submitting my work. Thank goodness for spellcheck, at least.

Yet, the joke does come with a need for some serious thoughts. What do teachers really want, and have any of us students, both past and present, actually reflected on what may be important to our educators other than a rose or a card once a year? Below is a list of Top 4 things teachers would really like.

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Top 3 Reasons to Invest in SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) – Earning Customer’s Trust and Confidence through Advanced Web Security

According to a recent report by BMI Research, “cyber-attacks and scams represent the most formidable threat to Singapore” because our internet infrastructure is seen to be less developed compared to our global counterparts. Online shoppers are therefore left vulnerable to various attacks, going up against anything between being victims of cheating or data theft by hackers.

This is bad news for companies who depend on online transactions to conduct their daily businesses. It results in a severe loss of trust and credibility with their customers, leading to potentially disastrous consequences. It is therefore becoming increasingly more important to boost online security by employing the best and up-to-date methods of protection to keep up both with a rapidly evolving technology as well as the influx of increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals. This is where SSL comes into the picture.

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Dragon Age Inquisition: The Descent (Coming this August 11th)

The word is out there, folks! BioWare has just released the new Dragon Age Inquisition : The Decent (DLC) trailer on their Facebook. DA fans, including myself, have gone totally mental in anticipation of this long awaited addition to the popular series. It is scheduled to be released on the 11th August, and I’m hoping to download this off Origins as soon as its available for purchase. (I’ve checked and there’s no update as yet. Boooo.)

I’m really hoping that this will exceed Jaws of Hakkon somehow. My experience with the previous DLC left me feeling there wasn’t any progression made to the story line at all . Instead, we are taken back into history, tracing the steps of the last Inquisitor and delving into the secrets that surrounded his disappearance.

In short, I felt Jaws of Hakkon didn’t add much to the game other than an extra area of map to explore. Here’s what I’m hoping “The Descent” will accomplish:-

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Sunday Rantings: Why I’d pick Dragon Age Inquisition over Witcher 3

Putting on my thinking Hat to talk about Random Stuff
Putting on my Thinking Hat before talking about Random Stuff

poll was recently made about two months ago by an online community, to see whether Gamers prefer “The Witcher 3” or “Dragon Age: Inquisition”. As every decent Gamer knows, these two are just about the hottest in the market out there right now, boasting several hundred hours of gameplay from hardcore fans and casual Gamers alike.

In essence, they’re both pretty similar in purpose: there is a main quest which involves you running your fool’s head left, right, top and bottom of maps, trying to find out what the heck is going on while you search for the Ultimate Baddie. Along the way, you kill lots of other people, run errands for friends, pick flowers and weeds for potions and then get rewarded with the occasional love scene.

The general consensus seems to be in favour of Witcher 3. Yet if I were to be given a choice between spending money on DA:I or W3 for any expansions or DLCs, I’d still pretty much pick the former at any time. And here’s why.

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